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Thread: Collarum Trap

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    Collarum Trap

    Has anyone got or used this?

    WCS Collarum Trap

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    not used one but saw a good video of one being demoed and looked very effect

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    Im gonna stick my neck on the line here and say im not a fan of such traps or snares.
    Not remotely humane in my opinion and wide open for mis-use

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    A mate has one.Very effective,but only if the Fox approaches from a certain direction.

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    I have 2.
    The Collarum website advices how to make sure the target approaches from the optimal direction......

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    Does it work Loki? Have you caught many with it?

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    I dont see you are sticking your neck on the line at all, every one is entitled to their own opinion and ill respect that much.

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