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Thread: Deer on the One Show

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    Deer on the One Show

    Anyone see this earlier in the week?

    About 9 mins in:


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    I was only half watching whilst cooking but I thought it was pretty good. The One Show seems to be fairly good at giving a balanced view on a diverse range of subjects. It's one of the few programs that I can watch and not sit there criticising so they must be doing something right to please a grumpy old sod like me! JC

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    Ms Bleakley makes the viewing easy -

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    Aye you're right Tommo, "lucky old lampard" eh???

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    Whilst I concur with the comments about miss bleakley, I actually thought it was a bit of a wasted opportunity by the keeper to explain the damage done by muntjac and the reason why the should be controlled. It's a big sporting estate in Berkshire that I know well and I was a bit suprised by his comments... Although who knows what was removed in the editting room!

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    Probably about nine yards in total on the cutting room floor!
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