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Thread: Sauer 202 Barrel in .270W Screw cut 1/2 inch UNF

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    Sauer 202 Barrel in .270W Screw cut 1/2 inch UNF

    For sale a used 22inch Blued Sauer 202 Barrel in .270Win, Screw Cut 1/2 inch UNF, round count around 400, a couple of small marks on the barrel. internally it looks as new, this barrel is not shot out and very accurate, the reason for selling, i have just purchased a fluted barrel in the same calibre

    looking for 225 posted to your RFD. regards Geoff

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    Is it a sporting profile barrel?

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    Hi Yoda, yes it is a sporting barrel, Cheers Geoff

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    Barrel now sold to Yoda ( pending the usual ) Thanks Geoff

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