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Thread: Etiquette for a first timer....take the carcass?

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    Etiquette for a first timer....take the carcass?

    Apologies if this is a bit basic for more experienced forum members. So be gentle.

    If I manage to get my first ever days stalking arranged in January, is it OK to wish to take the carcass? For instance, red/sika hinds on 1:1 accompanied day somewhere in the Highlands?

    I believe there is a fee plus cost per kilo for doing so, but is it seen as the "right thing" or a breach of etiquette?

    For me, a fundamental of hunting/fishing is don't kill anything you are not going to eat personally, unless it is classed as vermin. Cooking is a big hobby as well so all ties together nicely.

    I would be grateful for any guidance to avoid loss of etiquette on other issues on this initial trip? The Stalking School will probably beat me into shape in further down the line.


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    Hello JRLA, most guides will sell you the carcass at the current game dealers price, we currently get 3 a kilo so take that as a rough guide. Try and ask all these kind of questions before you go out for your stalk, the emphasis should be on you enjoying yourself, good luck.

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    Really shouldn't be a problem just ask the stalker before you set out , just take in everything they have to say and make sure none of your kit is noisy

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    They will sell you it at ? tba, but its good you wish it , enjoy your first outing however it turns out, thoughts and pix please once completed

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    Thanks guys. Will get it all agreed before going. Premium organic meat for 3 quid a kilo is not bad, nice to serve to family and friends

    Regarding clothing, I am not really a tweed kind of guy. Not sure if that is good or bad.

    I have some clothing like the item pictured, Deerhunter Montana I think it is.

    Is it ok to wear the realtree jacket and trousers? Or is that too much camo?
    Or just plain green trousers and the jacket pictured?

    Again not really sure what is the "norm"


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    Hi James You sound like the perfect guest. Most will respect you for wanting the carcass. Clothes to suit the weather or most guides would have something you could borrow. If your are walking let the guide know your capabilities. High seat hunting ideal for new guys wrap up extra warm . Most guides will have a chat and make you feel comfortable. I enjoy taking new stalkers and find them much easier than the ones that know it all . Some have all the gear and no idea. Good luck and I am sure you will do fine. woodfordfallow

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    Just wear what you have. I know some highland estates like tweeds and don't want SAS look alikes running round. As said ask the question at time of booking so there no embarrasment on arrival. Remember you don't have to buy the carcass. So if it's a rough old hind or a knackered stag that's all bone and sinew don't bother with it. If it's a nice young animal get it in the freezer for yourself. Have a great day and try enjoy yourself. Don't worry too much about the details a good guide will help you along and normally try their hardest to get you on a deer for the first time. Happy hunting and good luck.

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    Thanks Woodfordfallow.

    Really looking forward to it.

    Great having another reason to be up in the hills away from the traffic and media, especially when the fly fishing season is over.

    Thanks for pointing me down the right path.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JRLA View Post
    What is the etiquette for tipping etc.?
    First, make 100% sure you understand up front how the day is going to be charged. For example, is it a set fee for the day regardless of how many deer are seen/shot, is it a fixed fee for the stalk plus a fee per shot, is it just a fee per animal shot, are you escorted all day or left alone in a high seat, etc.

    Once you know this you can get an understanding of whether this is purely a commercial transaction - in which case I might personally be reluctant to offer a tip on top - or whether it's someone offering you a stalking experience where they will try to ensure you have an enjoyable day regardless.

    Of course things are rarely so black and white.

    I have paid for days when I never had the chance of a shot but still tipped the stalker, and others where I felt I was just one more paying gun to be taken through the motions.

    You will get an idea of this when you speak to the stalker/agent, but again it pays to do your research and ask people on here about recommendations for stalking in areas you wish to visit.
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    Willie-gunn. I think it would be naive to assume I am anything other than another punter, unless get the impression otherwise.

    There are a few options, including a couple of guys on here. I hope they will be better than agents.

    It seems to be a fee for the day, plus animal shot fee, then carcass cost.

    I'll return to the places I enjoy and not the others.

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