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Thread: who or where can I re barrel a no4 .303

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    who or where can I re barrel a no4 .303

    I think my otherwise tidy no4 may need re barrelling. Where can you get replacements from these days? And yes budget is always an issue, no point paying more than I can replace it with.

    Asked a similar question some time ago but I think I need to get sorted on this soonish.

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    The expensive route is Armalon. That's Peter Sarony. Oddly SMLE barrels now seem plentiful (via Terry Abrahams) and No4 barrels almost unobtainable. Sorry I can't be more help. 7.62mm No 4 barrels will however probably be fairly available.

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    There is a supplier here that's selling newly manufactured No 4 contoured barrels . Oddly enough, they're made by Lothar Walther . They aren't cheap and it would be a bit difficult to import from this end . Maybe contact LW and see if they're available in the UK . I do have a few Long Branch barrels in almost new condition , but unfortunately , it's very difficult to send barrels back to the UK . Sorry brother , I'd give you one if I could get it there .


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    I have a #4 barrel some place but like AB, it's all but impossible to ship to the UK. I know I had a few Lithgow #1 barrels at one time as well but they are gone....~Muir

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    I'm sure I've heard something about it a gunsmith at Bisley doing it quite cheaply.

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    Futons of Bisley springs to mind but I could be wrong. Might be worth a phone call

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    Give C&G Antique Firearms a call. they are in Harpenden near St albans. They do a lot of restoration work and re-barrelling work.

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    Highwood Classic Arms

    he specializes in.303 and is a nice bloke

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    try fred in the range office at bisley im sure he had new 303 barrels in. not sure if there for a no 4 give him a call

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