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Thread: Some good/bad news

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    Some good/bad news

    We traditionally have venison for Xmas dinner these days and I'd selected a nice haunch of cwd shot last month and put in the freezer .
    The freezer was fine then decided to go tits up along with our dinner and several other haunches some homegrown beef and lamb cwd loins Ect first bit of bad news .
    today the new fridge freezer was delivered Some good news although it did dent my wallet somewhat ! my pal and I took a trip to the estate for a look for fallow we both saw diddly squat but it's never over till its over and on the way out a buck fawn was spied !
    the fawn was accounted for some good news ! Although Tarka was deployed for a short track (good dog )
    the final bad news my knee popped and it's killing me now we shall see if the venison was worth the pain on Christmas day I'm sure it will be .
    i won't be taking any kneeling shots for a while either hobble hobble .

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    well done on getting Christmas dinner sorted. Sorry to hear of your knee injury. With a bit more good luck you'll get a little break before the boxing day shoot, and be able to rest the leg up. Have a good day and enjoy the venison.

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    Ow! I have a matched pair of dodgy knees myself. You have my complete sympathy! Hope it eases up soon

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    Sorry for the loss of your hard earned meat - but at least it was the cool time of year. A friend had the same thing happen in summer, and he was quite the salmon angler. I think everyone involved in the freezer removal vomited at least once before it was hauled off.

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    Not all the meat was wasted fortunantly and a few friends benefited from the malfunction as for the knee that was an uncomfortable night seems I may have pulled a ligament similar pain to previous hamstring Achilles injurys I've incurred .
    dont know if I can be bothered to go to the docs with all those folks coughing and spluttering he'll only tell me to rest it some chance pheasants to feed in a bit .i'll swallow a few paracetamol .

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    Hi Norma
    Hope this doesn’t scupper yout planned CWD trip.

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    No I'll scuttle along the farmer wants to pick my brains about something ? ? guess someone's offered him a large wedge to shoot the trophies
    High seats for a while ! gotta be fit for the hinds with solway

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