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Thread: 338 lapua mag

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    338 lapua mag

    let me know what you have

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    Rob has a AI AWSM for sale here which is in exceptionally good condition.

    He looks after his rifles and the rifle is a shooter

    See the ads

    For Sale: Accuracy International AWSM .338 LM - Folding Stock

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    I have a dakota long bow just back from dolphin rifles new barrell iv not shot a single round yet

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    I want one too but can't afford one.

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    I have one, but can't afford it
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    I've got some 300 SMK's and 300 Scenars if you're interested? I'll have a look around, see what I've got and work a fair price out.

    Edit: Bullets now listed in the reloading sales section.
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    I would rather have one and cant afford it than want one and cant afford it

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    still looking

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