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Thread: Swap Hunt in Germany- the dark side!

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    Swap Hunt in Germany- the dark side!

    Well there are always two parts to a story, but I think Andy did sum up his 2 boar as something like battle of the Somme!!

    But we’ll come to that shortly!

    Having met Michael back in 2012 where he was the host with the most, I didn’t connect with a boar, but had the most amazing time back then, but I was still keen to get back out there and try again for my first boar! So When Michael started talking about a 7 day trip, including 5 days driven shooting and a shooting cinema, it did, as Michael would say, make me wee a little!
    We flew in from North Wales and Heathrow respectively and gathered in Düsseldorf! Straight to the shooting cinema for some interesting shooting! Doing a fair bit of bird shooting over my Munsters I do tend to swing well with a gun and it all came back to me fairly quickly and we all left the cinema with smiles and more confidence, even Michael! A few blown off back limbs but we all improved and Alba wasn’t needed (Michael’s crazy bloodhound!).

    Attachment 50583

    Off we went into deepest darkest Eastern Germany mostly in the dark unfortunately, and yes the bingo was an experience! Wow, least said the better here although I do hope Andy puts up the film at some point! Michael was extremely embarrassed about the behaviour of his countrymen, but did insist there was still a big difference between East and West……….hmm they all seemed to talk the same!!
    SO, the first day! All our hunting was to be in state forestry, 2 days driven north of Berlin, one on the first day and one on the last day. And 3 days further south in a row. So off we went, in the mist into the woods. On day 1, a fantastic open looking stand and here I managed a red calf, then hind so a damn good start, both clean kills and on the run, and I must have seen 100 fallow as they passed out of reach back and forward! Some simple rules to follow as to what we could and couldn’t shoot meant there were no difficult explanations needed after day 1. A soup and ceremony followed and off we went into the car for a long drive south!
    Attachment 50585Attachment 50586Attachment 50587Attachment 50584

    Day two was in a different setup and off I went into a tractor trailer with Andy and off into the woods- a surreal experience but good fun. We were dropped off at our seats and I loaded immediately and waited. See the video for the first movement of the day- a red stag that I could not make out if it was a switch or a spiker, but either way not on my menu for the day! A little while later a shot on a roe kid, then later the mum. I kept vigilant and through came 4 mature red hinds, no calves, and as they did a semi-circle round me I decided to try for the lead hind so if I missed in front I would no take a haunch out as they passed me- the shot felt good but absolutely no reaction………. Ok strange and I observed her going at least 100metres through the woods and off seemingly unharmed. I marked my shot and at the end of the drive down came Michael to see how I got on, 2 roe apparent but I took him to the shot site and Andy spotted some blood. So a little German toing and froing between Michael and the locals it was decided it would be left for a while.

    Back into the trailer when it abruptly came to a halt- my name called- we need you to tell us if this is your deer! 350 metres away is a dead red hind that no-one had reported shooting at. Some donkey work and it is decided it is mine, so I get the joy of completing a gralloch surrounded by 20 Germans seeing how the Brit does a gralloch! No split bladder or green stuff ensued and off we went for a post hunt soup and beer! 3 deer for the day and more ceremony ensued!

    Day 3! Fresh stands, and a good feel. Straight away a red hind and calf came by and I took them both, followed shortly after by a roe kid. Right at the end of the drive my neighbour, Andy for clarification that is deerstalker.308, decides he wants the lovely peaceful woodland to sound like a war zone- boom, boom, boom boom boom, boom, boom, boom boom, boom (for those counring the booms that’s 10) silence! So I text “what were the 9 shots all about?” Followed by boom boom! Next text message: scrub that, what were the 11 shots about! And so the nickname 11 shot C*** started! However Andy has now had his first boar, and everyone was thrilled! Although as of yet I had not seen a single boar, but 8 deer down and I am having a whale of a time! And I made friends with a beaters dog I called Heinz! Who then proceeded to eat an entire roe gralloch including all green offal!
    Attachment 50588Attachment 50589

    Day 4 felt promising! Again into the woods but this time in a citreon berlingo! Into my stand and it was deadly quiet, apart from the bzzzz bzzzz of my phone vibrating which is now becoming something as regular as the woodpeckers feeding all around, another text from Michael- ‘how are you doing ladies?’ Whilst replying I realise 2 roe deer have been watching me reply and zoom off in the distance and will now not be harmed!

    Almost at the end of the drive I hear two shots and look up to see a massive boar zooming down the woods! It’s a long shot and I tried but missed, too far, too fast. Oh well I have now seen one, had a vague chance, now I feel happy! No deer today! This was the last day down south, and we drive immediately back up North to one of the best meals I have had, the duck dinner- an opportunity for the beaters to get together the night before the Saturday, have a drink and some duck and a bit of a social!

    Day 5- ok it’s the last day I have had 8 deer, seen 1 boar- life is good I just wanted to take in the atmosphere. So I sauntered to my seat with that feeling of anticipation buzzing yet again, but also with that feeling that…..well……….that I needed a wee. Aware of the fact that as soon as you are in your seat you are good to shoot, I dutifully climbed the rungs, leaned the rifle against the sides, stood on the seat, unzipped and had a much needed wee. Oh it felt good, until I was half way through and what appeared to be a rather large boar materialised 30 metres from me. We all know that feeling at last light where everything is a deer, but this seemed real and in full daylight. It was looking right at the base of my stand and twitched an ear confirming it was indeed alive! So what can you do in this situation……..finish your wee!

    I am a little unsure as to whether I did put my tackle away, but what I did do was reached round gently, feeling for my rifle and not taking my eye off the boar……pulled a single round from my pocket and loaded the blaser, but the click of the bolt spooked it slightly and with that 5 more boar stood up, and in a split second momma boar circled the lot and took off at a hell of a pace. At this point and some expletives at myself, I got the crosshair on the low powered scope onto one of the sounder, and squeezed off a round. The boar crawled forward as it had been spinal, and I put a second into the chest cavity. It was a sow, somewhere approaching an überlaüfer.
    So that was it, it was the first shot fired from any of the hunters that day, which must have number over 80, and minutes after connecting with my boar Michael saw the lead sow run off unharmed as he was still in the car, so text me to say good ‘perfect’! I saw some roe but that was it, my luck had been in to have my first boar and as Michael said ‘mission complete’.

    Attachment 50590

    We decided to head back to Michael’s home town and get a hunt on his ground the next morning, followed by breakfast with his family, which was lovely. A short while later and a long trip in the planning was over and I was at the airport with the three of us going our separate ways.

    All I can say is that it was the perfectly planned and executed trip, no hiccups, what we would call typical German efficiency. We both shot deer, had our first boar and had a fantastic time. Michael really is the most fantastic host, a true hunter, and the opportunities he has put to some of the SD membership are amazing. I have fantastic memories that I will remember forever. I hope he can make it for a return trip at some point, but I know your swap hunt schedule is packed, but the offer is always there to come on over.

    This video was filmed on my GoPro, and I think is a fair representation on the way it is in the wild compared to fenced areas, you do see game, but everything is wild so as such it is not ‘Wild Boar Fever’ but just me with a GoPro trying to capture some moments. This has been the main reason I have taken so long to write this up as it has taken an age to edit over an hour of film into 5 minutes, with software on my laptop that kept crashing and a rural broadband speed that meant is has taken days to upload to Youtube manly as it is about 500mb of film! Enjoy!

    So one last thing to say, thank you Michael, you will never know how appreciative I am of the opportunities you have put my way.

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    A great read of what was clearly a fantastic time - thank you for sharing.

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    What an amazing time! Good memories there. That's a lot of meat on the hook there too. Love the photo of the ceremony - I take it they are blowing the horns - not drinking horns!

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    Alex, again, a pleasure to host you!
    It was good fun and the plans finally worked out well
    Yes, this swapping around thing offers something for similar characters and open minded people.
    For me the way to do it, with incredible opportunities...
    And be sure... I will be at your place sooner or later..

    Thanks for your kind words, a Merry Christmas to all of you,


    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    A cracking write up looks a trip of a lifetime well done
    Micheal certainly knows how to host by the articles I've read for some time on here
    well done Sir
    Regards pete

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    Great write up Alex the boy done well, what cam were you using ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by WAYNE DAVIES View Post
    Great write up Alex the boy done well, what cam were you using ???
    A gopro hero 3+. No zoom but nice to be able to take video without much hassle as it was mounted on my hat.

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    Nice writeup. Looks like you had a great time. I like all the bendy trees on the go pro

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    I think its because I had it on wide angle maybe have to experiment with normal view.

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    Bet you looked like a **** though with that on your head

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