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Thread: probedding job

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    probedding job

    Hi all this thread is to say thanks to redmist for making a truely professional job of bedding my 6.5 06 action and barrel into my new manners t4A stock, I shot it in a interclub comp yesterday at 1000yds and came 1st in those windy conditions,if you want a top job done contact this man, many thanks andy, atvb neil
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    The bedding jobs I saw from Redmist all looked perfect. I mostly recommend him if our customers need a bedding done in the UK.

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    He said very nice things about your stocks too, he has one or 2 of them himself I believe.

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    We like to hear that, thanks.

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    Got to agree superb work, Andy did one of mine a few years ago.
    Congratulations on the 1000 yard competition win.

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    Thanks but its just an interclub thing, tis always a good feeling to be on the top ,as it happens I had a go with my 308 aswell and was top again, less shooters on that go, wind was too strong and shooters opted not too bother, i had 18.5 moa windage in.most wind ive shot in.good thing it was fairly constant with the odd gusts, atb swaro
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    Thanks for the recommendation Neil and I'm very pleased for you the way its shooting.

    Yes, I've had a few of Edi's (PSE Composites) stocks in my hands over several years and they really are superb and their customer service are second to none.

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    2015 fixtures our out andy and the next 1000yd day is on the 18th of january, really looking forward to lauching them really slippery 140 grainers down to them fig11s, hopefully the wind will be much less and the red deer come out to graze again
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