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Thread: Straight tube scopes

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    Straight tube scopes

    Do any of you shoot straight tube scopes? These are getting hard to find.
    I have a 1.25-4x24 in 30mm with German # 1 reticle for a .375 H&H.
    I have a 4x on an old .22 WMR because I needed the tube length for the mounts.
    I have a 1.5-5x24 Burris on my Model 70 Compact.

    I would like to find a good one in 1 inch tube for my Sako L61R, but I may just keep looking for 30mm rings. The only ones I can find now are the Leupold, and the Swift Reliant 1.5-6x21. Even some Leupolds, like the VX/R, are 30mm. So are the Bushnell and Burris variables.

    Any experiences with these, especially on DGR rifles, would be welcomed.

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    I have a 1-4x20 straight tubed including a straight eyepiece Nickel Marburg. It been on the 22rf, and am now making a set of claws for it to go onto my combination gun.

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    That is what I may have to do: buy an older Leupold or Weaver scope.

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    Quite readily come by over here, very popular for driven boar. As long as you don't mind swarovski prices.

    Most cost effect option might be the Leupold VXR. Nikon African might be worth a look.

    They are pretty much all 30mm now.

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    Yes, 30mm here, and not just for the straight tube, but for the low power variables with illuminated reticles.

    One thing about the straight tube scopes in low power or low variables, is that they are usually long enough to mount on a long magnum action, whereas those with a bell are not.

    A friend put a Leupold straight tube VX/R with #4A reticle on his .375 last year, and it is dandy scope. And I have a 30mm #1. Some of my older rifles have 1 inch rings, so I may have to go shopping for 30mm QD. Talley makes bases and rings for many older rifles, with bases which fit onto even integral bases of the Sako, CZ, Steyr, and Ruger. That is just more hardware and expense I am trying to avoid, but it is quality and works very well.
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    I was using a no name 1.5-5x24 for a while, however had one or two situations where I could see the deer with my eyes but couldn't make them out with the scope. It's lying in the corner now. We were really impressed with a Meopta 1-4x22 which was on a loan rifle at a driven shoot in Germany. I'd consider one of those for my driven game rifle.

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    I have a Leupold VX1 1-4X20 on a Ruger 77 in 416 Rigby. Works well and has a short ocular bell and long eye relief


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    I bought a 1.5x15 S&B earlier this year for a project, not gone forward with it so still unused by me.
    So if anybody needs one with a 26mm tube PM me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MARCBO View Post
    I have a Leupold VX1 1-4X20 on a Ruger 77 in 416 Rigby. Works well and has a short ocular bell and long eye relief

    I had an older Leupold Vari-X III on a Kreighoff-built Mauser .375 H&H, but it was mounted in a Griffin & Howe QD sidemount rail, where the rings are closer together than they would be on the action. So it is good to hear that your Leupold VX1 1-4X20 is long enough for the Ruger 77. It seems so short, and is about 1 inch shorter in the tube than a regular 3-9x40.

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    With the scope pused as far forward as possible on the magnum action you can just see the golden ring on the scope forward of the scope ring.


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