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Thread: Rfd Inverness area

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    Rfd Inverness area

    Hi, interested to hear of anyone's experience of sending RFD to RFD in the Inverness area.

    wondering what prices people are paying and where you would recommend.

    been told that a local RFD will charge 25 to send and to receive a firearm.

    hoping someone can point me in the right direction here.

    thanks in advance.

    merry Christmas to all.

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    Tam we have a couple of members in our local rifle club (Strathpeffer) with RFD status - Give me a bell if you have any specific needs & I will put you in touch with them.


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    Last time I did an RFD to RFD I wasn't satisfied with the rifle so sent it back and had a replacement sent up, cost 10 for the first transfer, nothing for the second. This was to Wester Ross, and one of the guys Yorric mentioned from the Strathpeffer club.

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    Gents, thanks all for info and PM's.

    Have a good Christmas all.

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