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Thread: Peak through a Dronepro

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    Peak through a Dronepro


    Disappointed ex owner of an X sight , seeks a look through a Dronepro prior to making a decision.

    I am relatively new to NV and have worked my way up through the original Photon , and now the X - sght, and it looks like I have been expecting too much for my money.

    I cannot find a bad reveiw about the Dronepro , nor about the support received, so this is my next step.

    However before purchasing I really would like to have a look through someone else's scope to see what I might expect.

    Can any one help please?

    I live in Northampton

    Many thanks


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    What was wrong with the X-Sight in your view?
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric the Red View Post
    What was wrong with the X-Sight in your view?
    Check out the nv forum, loads been sent back for refund.

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    Sorry I am too far away but I can assure you they are fantastic! I can clearly see foxes at around 500 yards, maybe even more to be honest. By all means find someone's to look through but I would be willing to bet right here and now you will buy one.

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    I understand that a new improved drone pro is imminent

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    Yeah I have read that but not sure what the differences are going to be? Mine is a new version which is colour by day and black and white by night.

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    As above..... I've shown a few folk & not one expressed a thought that it was worse than expected..... Wish I was closer you could look through mine.

    I will,say one thing from what little I have learned with NV .....people pick. Something up ... Look throughout it for 30 secs then proclaim it's p1sh !

    No matter what the NV I believe you need to take half hour to fine tune both objective & ocular focus & then try varying IR & between flood to spot and all of a sudden you get that sweet spot where the picture is perfect for your eyes


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    As above I've had all the top end gen3 kit and settled on the drone pro at half the price . You won't be disappointed.
    Atb Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPA 6MM BR View Post
    Yeah I have read that but not sure what the differences are going to be? Mine is a new version which is colour by day and black and white by night.

    Have just spent an interesting half hour on the phone with NV gear UK talking about the drone. Basically the old drone was a 5x scope with doubler to reach the 10x mag. More recently some of these have been supplied with colour screen in the day and B/W at night as per the X sight. The new drone pro is a dedicated 10x unit that does not have a doubler fitted and will be colour in the day and B/W at night. I understand the new 10x unit will be more compact and lighter than the old 5x drone with doubler. As with all digital NV the use of a penetrating IR source is necessary. The T20 was reported to be better than the NM400 (bummer thats what I have!) and the NM800 better still
    It sounds a very capable unit
    Stock is expected mid January

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    Interested to hear why the x sight was so disappointing?

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