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Thread: Glasgow tragedy.

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    Glasgow tragedy.

    Just a year after the Clutha Bar horror Glasgow has been hit by yet another terrible accident.
    My thoughts especially at this time of year goes out to all involved.

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    The poor victims and families do not deserve such suffering. There are plenty of bad people out there it should happen to it is always the wrong ones it happens to.My thought also go to all involved,

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    Unimaginable tragedy, thoughts are with the family's of those involved.

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    What's happened ???

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    Bin lorry driver collapsed at the wheel, drove down street hitting shoppers


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    That's just terrible at any time of the year---but right now!!!
    Thoughts with the friends and families.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    Bin lorry driver collapsed at the wheel, drove down street hitting shoppers

    Ooh, that's terrible. And everyone involved absolutely innocent, just minding their own business.

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    My thoughts are with the deceased family and friends, this is truly shocking.

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    Just watched this on the News, not good.

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    so tragic im lost for words rest in peace

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