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Thread: winchester x varmint

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    winchester x varmint

    just a quickie anyone used any 223 winchester x varmint ammo at all, any good? its just that i can source a few cheapish ,and no they are not for deer just vermin, cheers in advance,doug,
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    the silence says it all,cheers anyway,i will stick with v max, doug,

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    Sometime ago I bought a box of Winchester X to sight in my .222 whilst waiting for loading dies.
    They did not shoot very well at all, so much so I disassembled some of the bullets and weighed the powder within.
    The was a substantial difference in powder weights and COAL.
    It might just have been a dodgy batch but I've never bought any since.

    I posted about it at the time, if you look hard enough you might be able to find it if it's not been archived.

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    have used them in my sako 85 223 they were very accurate worked well on foxes

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    Suck em and see buy a couple of boxes and see what they do

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    Used super x in my hornet, good expansion on foxes and rabbits,

    Scoby 270

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    ok i will try a few in my tikka, thanks scoby and geordie maybe report back if ok,cheers,doug
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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    ok i will try a few in my tikka, thanks scoby and geordie maybe report back if ok,cheers,doug
    I suppose as others have said, just need to give them a go and see if your rifle likes them.

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    If you are talking about the new varmint x then I have tried them through several rifles including my own at a Browning open day and they were accurate and appeared to be very consistant. I can't comment on the terminal ballistics as I haven't used them on anything but paper. Unfortunately the bullets are not currently available for reloading or I would give them a go. In all probability they will give very similar if not identical results to V-Max as they seem to be of a very similar construction.
    Winchester were operating a scheme where you buy one box and get the second for half price so well worth a try if you don't reload and rely upon factory ammo.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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