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Thread: Best 22lr ammo

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    Best 22lr ammo

    Hi guys iam picking up a cheap 22lr rifle tomorrow from a local gunshop, (just to sort a few bunnies out), what ammo do you recommend.
    Make/grain etc/etc would be most helpful as i have never owned a rimfire before only centrefires.

    Many thanks


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    I know this sounds funny but it is not meant to be but the answer is whatever suits your particular rifle best. Rimfires are notorious for being picky over ammo, what is an absolute tack driver in one will not group on the same sheet of A4 for another. If you are going for sub sonics then Eley is always a good place to start, if you have any mates with 22lr then try and gather up as many different varieties as you can and decide from there.

    For me personally it is Eley subs, good for out to 100+ yards.

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    Hi dave and John..

    I love Winchesters X

    If youve some mates with assortments of ammo have some fun on the range and enjoy the practice..

    Have fun

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    My CZ likes Eley Subs, tried Winchester, was like a 12b SSG after 10 shots, didn't like them one bit, seems to manage supersonic ok, but no need for them so moved them on.


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    A pal of mine and I went lately to the range, each of us with a Finnfire.

    We had with us Winchester, CCI, RWS, Eley, Remington and a Brazillian make whose name escapes me. All hollow-point subsonic.

    The result was that mine (still) likes Eley best, and his prefers Winchester. Both doing less than 1.5" at 100yds.

    Which just goes to show.

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    My Anschultz prefers RWS and Lapua. But the Ruger 10/22 prefers CCI or Winchester. Neither have like Eleys other than Tenex.

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    Again my cz like Eley subs, half inch and less groupings. However never tried any other other brands.


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    First off I'd say go and get yourself a box of Eley subs and a box of Winchesters. Then ask your rifle which it likes out of the two. Unless neither of them shoot well I'd stick to the most accurate of the two. If it wont shoot either than try others. In my opinion Eley or Winchesters seem to expand well and are consistent which is the key to good kills.

    I use Winchesters in my CZ. I was very lucky as my RFD didn't have any Eley when I picked up my rifle. I tried the Winnies and they grouped well so I stuck with them.

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    My rifle likes the Eley subs best but what I don't like abbout 22rf is the ricochets so I have just picked up 200 CCI segmenting ammo to give it a go. Theyre meant to have increased knock down and virtually eliminate ricochet. They are a more pricey but if they work then I'll be sticking to them as a couple of my bits of land have houses all around. My main concern is CCI are not know for thier consistancy with power and accuracy. Watch this space will try and have a play over the weekend.

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    Plus 1 for the RWS or Eley - either high velocity or subsonics - my old BRNO loves both. Winchesters - always jam and shoot all over the place, and remington cases are somewhat narrower and I get blow back from them.

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