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Thread: digital nv monocular

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    digital nv monocular

    Looking for a CHEAP digital nv monocular, something like the Bresser lidl were selling a while ago, has anyone got owt?


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    How cheap ?
    A Bresser with a t 20 fitted..

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    Pulsar recon

    I've got a pulsar recon 750- I got it off ebay for 275 and bought a nightmaster ir for 70 with it. Both second hand ,They still are coming up. They are excellent , you can clearly see 300 yards at night and with a little moon up to 500. If you put a saved search in on ebay it will notify you when one is listed-,hope that helps

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    I'm making one in the new year once all the bits arrive, should set me back about 70 quid as I already have a torch. Shouldn't bee too difficult but I will post a thread up here to help fellow cheapskates like me who love building things.

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    Cheers, ive already got a photon on top of my 22 rimmy, i just wanted something to use as a spotter for ease of use and safety purposes rather than flinging the gun around in any direction. Will also come in handy when out foxing rather than scaring everything off with my light saber of a torch!

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    im pretty sure aldis or lidls have one for sale at the momemnt a 4x40 digitl for 100

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