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Thread: Register of Game Dealers

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    Register of Game Dealers

    Does such thing exist?

    If not it might be an idea for a stickie? I did a search on here but found a few asking for dealers near them, some still unanswered.

    I am looking for one in East Berks/South Bucks if anyone knows one, the nearest one I know of is Vickers Game but that is too far west for me unfortunately.

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    Unfortunately one stalkers good game dealer can be anothers worst for whatever reason.
    loads of threads on here where as quick as one fella praises one anothers quick to put the dampers on it..

    I agree an area register is a good idea and folk can make their own mind up.
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I wouldn't even be that bothered about quality, just somewhere that claims to be a game dealer and knows what a deer looks like when not in polystyrene trays would be good start

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