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Thread: Rifle bag what do you recommend ??

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    Rifle bag what do you recommend ??

    Hi guys

    I'm looking for a new rifle bag it must be big enough to hold rifle fitted with mod/bipod/etc etc

    and have side pockets for binos/ bullets etc etc

    thinking a AIM 50 drag bag ?? What do you guys use or recommend


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    I wouldn't be spending 150 on one, that's for sure. They may well be great, but for under 30 there are a shedload available that would surely do just as good a job

    This any use to you?

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    Have a look at the Eberlestock range - some interesting solutions there.

    In addition to the above I use a Peli soft double rifle bag - fits inside a Peli case for travelling further too- but can be use on it's own with either handles, single shoulder or backpack options. I think 1198Neo on here has one for sale at the moment - really good item.
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    just bought a ridgeline drag bag has enough room for any rifle with mod and bi-pods to fit,rifle held securely by internal straps and you can carry as a back pack and is made so well with good materials and has plenty of room for other kit in other compartments and also has a space in the spine of the pack for cleaning that impressed im ordering another one there about 100 but worth it

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    A U.S. M1950 Individual parachutist weapons case works well once you remove all the un-needed hardware.


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    Bushware have these made by croots
    Rifle Slip (Green) Scope Bipod Sound Mod Full Length Zip 52" Code: 317406
    Availability: In stock

    • Fits rifle with scope, bipod and mod
    • Features a full length
    • 52" in length.49.99

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    Dave I bought one of ogdens quick slips. I am very impressed with it. Made in England so keeping the money in blighty, and well thought out. Was 100 and it should last many many years. Compared to the 50 stuff it's worlds better.
    I'll bring it up if you like and while you're looking at it I'll shoot your deer for you.

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    I have a McMillan bag that is really nice, I think it was about 120. Has some really nice features. I Would recommend them.

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    I use a "Big Jock" canvas and leather slip. Can take bipod and T8 with ease.
    This one... canvas rifle slips
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    Went through loads of cheap ones before buying an Aim. One of the best bits of kit I have bought, truly great. Spud does a good price on them.

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