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Thread: Howa 1500 stock

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    Howa 1500 stock

    In the market for a new stock for my Howa 1500 short action, fell out with the houge stock ( squeaking when wet ) any ideas ??

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    Google "redhawk rifles" and have a look at the Bell and Carlson stocks. Redhawk were the cheapest I could find and they ship direct from the States within a couple of weeks with no hidden charges or taxes.

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    What barrell contour. I am awaiting delivery of a new rifle with a heavy barrell that will be going in a bell and carlson from redhawk. A good buy still saving a fair amount with taxes and postage

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    I have one of the same - from being a bit suspicious at first I have come to like it - the squeaky newness will go in time and although like many synthetic stocks it is a bit flexible this doesn't ever seem to have been a problem and the barrel never touches the forend.

    Having said that my Howa is pretty much a tool and although only five years old is pretty battle scarred - but it has shot hundreds of deer. If you want something that's a bit more presentable then I guess a laminated (or WHY) stock might be a step up?

    I think since this rifle is essentially a Wetherby Vanguard it should be pretty easy to get something "drop-in" stateside?

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    Yes I was going to buy 1500 with the Hogue, didn't like it so went with the B and C

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    Excellent stocks, great man to deal with, buy European?

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    Body's do R hand laminated thumb hole stocks for $99 (after import etc about 130). Have one for my Howa and Tikka.

    They are an adequate stock as they come but with a bit of work (bedding) can be very good. Cheek weld with the thumb hole isn't everyone's cuppa tea.

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    I have a Boyds thumbhole stock on a Howa, just not the Howa I bought it for! I have gone back to the Hogue stock as it is lighter, and less bulky than the Boyds ,and as I don't use a bipod except on the range any flexibility is a non issue. the thumbhole stock has moved from my .308 sporter barrel to my .308 varmint barrelled action, and as a prone target stock it is very good.
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