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Thread: Sealed the deal

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    Sealed the deal

    Chuffed to death sealed the deal to buy my own sssi free stalking/roughshooting ground near home yesterday while the other sssi block is on the back burner for now
    told my missus this would be a great investment it has a good numbers of roe and a few reds plenty of woodcock / pheasant
    Had a look around this morning saw a good amount of roe and a red hind last picture you can just make it out, looking forward to april for a chance of a buck spotted this one going into the wood . df


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    I take it someone is well chuffed, Well done mate.

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    weldone mate wish i had the cash to do that

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    Quote Originally Posted by russ91 View Post
    weldone mate wish i had the cash to do that

    +1 and good luck on your new purchase!!

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    Excuse me while I go and weep into my drink .

    Well done. I am sure you will look after it and manage the wildlife well .

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    Russ it wasn't as easy as that, i didn't have the cash so i had to beg steal and sell some rare wildfowling guns to do it. i now know what skint really means. df

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    look what you hav to show for your money now tho mate.

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    I wonder if you could convince the missus to see it like that? now that she has to run round in her car till the sills and the wheels fall off ! lol

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    Well Done, that Buck looks to be of good quality. How big is the ground?


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    The ground itself isn't massive , but its in a prime position and always holds good amount of deer as it is a natural walk through from a very close nature reserve.
    The tracks on it are like motorway lanes through to the arable fields,
    In my quest to buy some ground of my own and badgering every local land owner i know i have actually picked up some very good ground near it for free ( suppose just to stop me relentlessly pestering them ! ) df

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