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Thread: Midway UK is now Brownells UK

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    Midway UK is now Brownells UK

    I don't know if this is just a rebranding or a fully fledged coup but they had a 6mm PPC Sako 75 magazine so I thought it rude not to buy one.
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    Could be good news for UK gun parts hobbyists.

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    Medway UK were never helpful, hard to get hold of and expensive...

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    Still bloody expensive by the looks of it.....just checked out leica geovid hd-b binos, they're 1000 over the UK RRP at 3700!!!!!!
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    Always 50% more than the price should be, plus all too often the part is out of stock with nothing on order; do not understand why they waste people time advertising something they don't have & are not planning to get back on sale anytime soon. Wont be missed here

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    I've used Browells and they were cheap and posted direct to me in the UK for less then the cost of the item from MidwayUK without the ridiculous postage they charge.

    If Brownells now do the same then it'll be a massive shame as they were a good company to deal with when only US based.

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    Looks like a 15-20% price increase on the bullets I use - Now over 1 each on there!!! A shame, since they were actually quite competitive as MidwayUK for bullets that were hard to source in this country.

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    An absolute joke. A company based on the customer who does not shop around. I once wanted a barrel clamp swivel
    After pondering I ordered from them and six weeks later nothing so ordered at a quarter of the price ftom xhina and was with me within a week. How they have survived I just don't know.

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    Is this still via Peter Starley in Warwick then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by enfieldspares View Post
    Is this still via Peter Starley in Warwick then?
    If the customer service is still cr@p then I'd say so.
    I'm only a few minutes away, but I'd rather travel for 45mins than go to him.

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