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Thread: Old tutors

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    Old tutors

    I popped into see an old mate who I hadn't seen for many yrs yesterday .he still lives in the same village I grew up in and whilst delivering Xmas venison to my parents I decided to bite the bullet and knock on the door .you know what it's like the longer it's left the harder these things can sometimes be ! I'd heard he'd had a stroke so didn't know how I'd find him .
    his wife welcomed me in but my old mate didn't at first recognise me .
    we had a right old chin wag and I was so glad I'd visited .my pal is no longer shooting at 84 which frustrates the hell out of him but he still reads the shitting times and we relived some of my early forays .i had learnt to shoot before we met but my pal helped me a heck of a lot even lending me £640 to buy my first 20 gauge I payed him back £25 a week That was 30 years ago !
    Well I'm certainly not going to leave it so long next time and promised to drop in some venison .

    Is there anyone from your formative shooting years you think fondly of and gave you a helping hand ?

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    Yes many more than I can mention , my father of course as one would expect, who was a keeper and got me first interested in the job ,Alec an old retired keeper who I met when I was 15 and he was 84 and whom became my
    Partner shooting pigeons and ferreting rabbits, he also taught me a bit about bee keeping which was one of his many passions.

    My first Head keeper who was a real difficult man to work for but turned out some really good keepers.

    Lea MacNally though I was not to meet him till many years later ,who's books and articles give birth to my interest in deer, and inspired me to start scribbling, although in no way do I consider mine comparible to his.

    All of them sadly no longer with us.
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    Edgar James, Head Stalker, Longleat Estate, for many years - took I underwing about 30 yrs ago and started me off 'properly' in the old fashioned way which lead to helping him for many years in the deer control operations on the Estate.

    In this time he ushered in reloading - demonstrating the process, advising as necessary and then validating on the range.

    Others in the Deer Control Unit included Wilf Ashman, Bill Kinnett, Colin ? from Cornwall, Peter King? from Bristol, Dave Applegate and Tim Yeo..........although Edgar has passed on to the Happy Huntng grounds I still keep in touch with Wilf, Bill/Dave when I can. Wish I could catch up with Peter/Colin and Tim to see they are ok.

    Edgar, being a 'veteran' of SA hunting trips also advised on my early plains game ones - wish I could have got over to Canada for Black Bear with him.

    Fondly remembered times......

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    Loki the old longleat agent shoots here as a guest (Tim) and one of my guns shot there 2 weeks ago and said there was roe everywhere so perhaps they've all gone to the happy hunting grounds ?
    Kind regards

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    I'm still in my formative years., cough.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    A good wildfowling friend Geordie Morrison, now sadly departed who took me out for my first moon flight on the foreshore at wigeon on the 28th January 1983. A right stormy night.

    A night to remember and for the memories I will be forever grateful.


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    Isn't it just so that 'mentoring' in the hunting world has gone on since time imemorial. For many if not all of us, it's how we learned. Both from older 'those that knew' and passed on their knowledge and from our own contemporary hunting friends & learning from each others mistakes.
    It's a wonderful thing to revisit the past where possible and catch up with those who taught us.
    ATB & happy hunting. Merry Christmas.
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    Absolutely,especially the last paragraph.
    People aren't around forever and sometimes they can go unexpectedly.
    I lost a good friend and shooting pal in Norfolk earlier this year.
    I miss his witty emails and slant on this mad world.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    My uncle Sam (Sam Wilson), introduced me to shooting by watching him feed his dogs and clean his shot guns after a day out, that set the hook for ever. He took me out and gave me my first gun a Webley 12g single that I could never part with. He also built confidence by telling me how to do something a quick demo and then disappeared while, I got on with it, particularly where sharp tools were concerned. He died a few years ago now and is sadly missed but often remembered. Tom

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    Did my DSC1 with the late John Cubby, his delivery was mesmerising.

    Norman Healy aslo taught on the same course.

    Mike Hitchmough and Nigel Pickering, all gents who I have the utmost respect for.

    What they do not know about deer, deer stalking and land management is not worth knowing.

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