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Thread: Buying & importing from Egun

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    Buying & importing from Egun

    Hi , I spent a few hours looking on Egun last night & I've found two nice looking Rifles both I have spaces for .., my question is how hard is it to buy & import from Egun..
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    Might be worth a PM to pinemartin on here, think he just got a gun from Germany?

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    it is very simple indeed, the way i did it was having the slot already on my ticket i bought the gun off egun then asked for all the details I then got this transfered onto my ticket then applied for an import license, have a look on this thread to the links in my post number 18 , you will need to email before filling out the import page or it will get refused contact them give all your details then file for the import it comes direct to you and that means you don't need to pay an rfd atb wayne
    Importing firearms from USA - Page 2
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    I will be interested to hear how you get on. I have bought a few non licensed bits through the site and may well buy a barrel on there if one comes up.
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    Barrels are significant firearm parts in German law and you need to have the right permissions on your German FAC (WBK) to purchase them.
    With exporting to another EU country I do not have any knowledge of that sphere.

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