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    elusive fallow

    i have the stalking on a large field which is borrdered by a wood and another field,neither of which i have permission over.and not likely to get.Like last night,there are often over 50 fallow in the neighbouring field but they dont seem to come on to mine much(when i am there anyway).It is a grass field and i wonder if they will graze there more when the grass gets moving.I know feeding is frowned upon but wondered if salt licks would make then feel more at home on my bit.The sad bit is that the adjoining land is keepered but they leave the deer alone for the owners odd foreign friend.This is quite common in the area and the fallow have been seen in herds of 400.I personally have counted over 200 in one herd

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    One off my permissions sounds the same though the woodland is FC. They come out when the sugers up a bit. My problem is they mainly come out when the 50 head of dairy cows are in there and mingle very closely. The herd is not as big though 40-50 maybe.

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    You could try a bag of whole maize (kernals notfull cob) and place piles near the boundary.....gradually bringing the piles closer to an ambush point on your ground. Fallow like maize.......and sugarbeet if you can get some.
    As you rightly point out, feeding can be frowned upon....but the numbers of deer you are describing can only be of detrement to themselves and and their habitat, and unfortunately the money side of stalking nearly always takes precedence over good management. So go for it and let us know how you geton.



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