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Thread: schmidt pm11

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    schmidt pm11

    Hi i was wondering have any of you guys the Schmidt and bender scope pm 11 4x16x50 mag? I have just bought a remington 700 . 243. I want really good optics and had been looking at them scopes. Are they hard to get secondhand? Was also not sure about mounts for that rifle. I hope I can get help as I am new to these type of scopes and calibers. With that scope would I get enough elevation say if I wanted to punch holes in paper after alot of practice say out as far as 1000yards? I would never consider hunting at that kind of range. My range for hunting is not much over 200 yards at the moment.I now however am hoping to put a lot more practice in this new year and then hope to start deer stalking. Any advice at all to help me I would be greatful thanks.

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    I have a 4-16x50 PM2 which I bought secondhand over 7 years ago.

    Its a great stalking scope - very robust and has fantastic optical quality. It was never lost zero in 7 years of use and it has had some pretty hard use especially on the higher ground.

    They are not that common secondhand - I got mine from York Guns - but sometimes they come available on here or Guntrader.

    Problem is though they are snapped up very quickly as their reputation is so good.



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    The 4-16 pm2 is a great scope, alternatively you could also look at the k624i . Biggest disadvantage with these scopes is the weight.
    I like to stalk with the Kahles, never let me down so far.

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    Great scope and mag range. With a 30MOA rail, you might get lucky to 1000yds with a 243. PMII version of the 4-16 is a rare beastie. As to mounting, lots of options with Remmy. I'd go for one of the many aftermarket Picatinny rails with some sort of cant - this will mean you can use either standard 34mm mounts or a unimount, either of which will support the scope well. Best of luck.
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    I have a 4-16 PMII on my 7mm RM hill rifle. In my opinion it is the best stalking scope I have ever owned and this includes other PMII, night force and Zeiss Diavari scopes.

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    As it happens I have a 4-16x50 pm11 with side parallax and a 30 moa rail for a Remington action and mounts to fit, I replaced it with a 5-25x56 so I will be putting it up for sale. I will try to put an ad on here this afternoon.

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    Hi thanks, what is the retical on your scope and would I be fit to adjust it out to shoot at 1000 yards thanks.

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    As Kershaw says, they're great scopes and can take some abuse, but they're rare. I took over a year to get the two I've got. Don't get hung up on the reticle as S&B will swap reticles and re-gas a scope for about 300 (double that if you want to add an illuminated reticle).
    I take my 260 and 308 out to 1000m (on targets) on mounts with circa 20 moa cant. You'll need more on a 243, but this could start to interfere with a 100 m zero for stalking etc. Don't know anything about mounts for a Remmington, as I've never had one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hillclimber View Post
    Hi thanks, what is the retical on your scope and would I be fit to adjust it out to shoot at 1000 yards thanks.
    P3 mildot reticule and 13 mils (130 cm clicks) of elevation if a canted rail is used.

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    I used to own two PM11 4-16

    One illuminated one without

    Both with the P4 F ret

    I still own the illuminated and id have two more in a heartbeat (illuminated ones)

    As a precision instrument, they are hard to beat - repeatable dialling, quality optics and bombproof.

    Ive had the 5-25 too, but as an all rounder the 4-16 PM11 is the scope to have.

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