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Thread: Daily Telegraph Today

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    Daily Telegraph Today

    350,000 deer are shot in this country every year mostly with shotguns

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    Bloods-boiling as their representative was supposed to be sat in the DI conference only yesterday....

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    A whole load of bilge great for selling newspapers, and filling the uneducated readers head full of nonsense ,must be some conference it most certainly wasn't published anywhere to my knowledge , I would love to know just where they are collating all their information from .

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    It's disappointing when a paper like the Telegraph gets simple facts wrong; they are pretty steadfast in their support for country sports. There was an article in last Saturday's edition about a book written by a Forestry Commission would be rare to see a review like that in the Guardian!

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    "But there is little control in cities as it is expensive for local authorities to trap and shoot the deer. Anecdotal evidence of problems is growing. Two years ago a 20 stone stag stopped rush hour traffic in Milton Keynes, while in Glasgow the animals are being illegally poached with packs of dogs or air rifles."

    I gave up reading at this paragraph. Absolute B*ll*cks! Another example of a journalist not bothering to find the facts for herself and just writing a load of crap to fill space in the paper. My Mrs is a journalist and the standard of journalism in this country is nothing to be proud of, but then again it seems most people in this country aren't bothered about the facts anymore

    Part of the problem these days is anyone can be a "journalist", there is no shortage of people out there willing to do anything to get their name in the paper, paid or unpaid. The editors must be rubbing their hands together with all this free ***** to fill the pages and e-pages of their rags.

    Now, where's my shotgun?
    Mick(Off to have a go at some crows)

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    It's the deer initiative conference this weekend. I guess they are getting deer in the news to help their funding situation. Disappointed by all the mistakes in the Telegraph article, I'm sure most of the fault lies with sloppy reporting by the paper and not the DI trying to stir things up.

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    I've written a letter to the Telegraph complaining about this. I also pointed out to them that contrary to a statement to the side of the main article a 300lb red stag on Exmoor is far from the largest wild animal in the UK. As we all know there are far bigger stags out there and of course wild boar have been shot in the UK in excess of 500lbs and the largest wild animal on mainland UK is probably a wild boar.

    Last week the DT published a very nice photo of feeding red kites but then messed the whole thing up by stating that red kites had been reintroduced to Wales and now numbered 500 which of course is completely untrue. There have been no reintroductions of red kites to Wales and the number of breeding pairs in Wales is estimated at about 900.
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    Just got back from the DI conference. I'm sure that the DI as well as many other organisations will suffer due to the potential change of government. However there were many important issues raised and discussed at the conference including the non-lead bullet issue, RTAs, poaching, non native species and their management to name a few. I certainly learnt a lot by being there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaitsev View Post
    I certainly learnt a lot by being there.
    Yeah, shame that as a fully funded charity it couldn't have been a bit more affordable for a few other folk to get there.

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