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Thread: Deer Damage and Electric Fencing

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    Deer Damage and Electric Fencing

    Couple of questions members might be able to give their advice/experience on :_

    1) In a wood with clear fell which is going to be restocked with a predominantly normal resident roe population and a few transiting reds, which of 3 coniferous trees (Norway Spruce, Sitka spruce and Douglas Fir) are likely to be most attractive to roe (browsing and fraying ?) and what damage might reds do to young trees given browsing and fraying is unlikely with plenty of good grazing about.

    2) One option being considered is to erect a 1.5m four strand electric fence with Douglas Fir as the restock. Is this an effective deterrent to keep out roe and reds?

    Normal deer fencing or tubes is not an option.

    I must admit i have not come across electric fencing for deer outside deer farms.

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    Way back in the mists of time when I worked on a deer park we used to keep Red deer out of plantings with a single strand electric fence the same as you use on cows.

    It worked for us it might not work for you.

    They never did work out how to jump it.

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    I shoot a farm in Cornwall,which is single strand electric fence, every fence is wrecked by the deer, most of the horse paddocks in the new forest are trashed daily by fallow , reds will lay up in the new planting so you will get fraying if there are young stags about. Only my opinion but electric fences are next to useless for deer.

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    Some of the large angus glen grouse moors are using eleccy 'NZ style' fencing to keep reds out very well, i'm talking big areas here, tens of thousands of acres.

    There original ones where 6ft ish with a second single strand 2m out,
    Now they just have a slightly higher 2/3 strand eleccy fence (be lucky if 1m high) and again a second 1 2m away from it. I think u will need to work of a mains supply to get the 'kick'

    Seemingly the deer don't like to jump into the eltro magnetic field? between the 2 fences. The SAC trialled this fo sheep years ago with 2 knee high strands which also worked and that was with hill blackies.
    Not sure on why but it does seem to work up there anyway

    It does work up there even when neighbouring estates are culling up against it deer rarely jump over it. But it may be different if it was trees/shelter on the other side (on the moors just heather both sides) but if plenty of other woods nearby it may be enough to keep them off?

    I'd imagine ur douglas wil be most vurnerable (dinae plant much of that locally) follower by norway then SS

    Taff are u talking about those stupid white ribbon type horse fences of a battery? And are u sure they're on? Know a few horsey folk up here only turn them on for the first week or so then horses never bother the fences

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    The horse paddocks are generally the White tape type, the one in Cornwall is mains high tensil wire as NZ style. Fallow seem to be the worst for damage, they get used to the fences.

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    I have found electric fencing to be a waste of time for all the species of deer & antelope I keep or have worked with.

    "Men Who Stare at Deer."

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    I'm surprised by that, that moor in angus has fenced of something like 30-40 thousand acres and not a deer on it. Most off the neighbours use the fence as a 'culling aid' and even then its pretty rare to get any jumping over. Althou ithink 1 day thay had a mass break in but deer were being cullrd hard next door, think they had them all shot out again in a matter of days
    Think some of the neighbouring estates are now copying them.
    And not a cheap idea to even start thinking about fencing off 10's of thousands of acres of inaccessable hill ground.

    The boy that looked after fences/stalker did say u still have to keep an eye on the deer and occasionally 1 will try to jump over but u just have to shoot them quick. But he manages 30 odd thousand acres himself, althou has 10+ keepers all keeping an eye out too

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    Was a daily job putting the single strand electric strip fencing back up after the fallow had trashed it overnight.

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    What! electric fencing for deer? Nah! That will never work.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    We successfully keep 5 species of deer behind electric fences. All permanent high tensile multi line fences. We use powerful energisers unto 18 joules. The majority of horse fences are around 1-6 joules.



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