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    Yukon MPR

    As per the title. I have a 2 week old Yukon mpr recorder for sale. It's still boxed and still has the screen protector on it. It also comes with a class 10 32gb SD card.
    Cost 190 so a bargain at 150 for the lot.

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    140 Posted. These are at least 170 then there is the additional 32gb SD card! This was all bought brand new online less than 2 weeks ago.
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    Out of interest why are you selling after two weeks?

    regards Tristram

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tis1979 View Post
    Out of interest why are you selling after two weeks?

    regards Tristram
    Purely my own reasons, nothing to do with this unit what so ever. I have captured some good footage with it.

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    Ok, 130 posted RMSD but no less!

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    Do you have receipt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Sniper View Post
    Do you have receipt?
    I do have the receipt, box the lot but unfortunately I have just sold it on the night vision forum.

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