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Thread: Beretta Silver Hawk S/S

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    Beretta Silver Hawk S/S

    Very reluctant sale but i need to fund some optics and a new rifle. Attachment 304Attachment 303Attachment 302Attachment 301
    Beretta Silver Hawk 471,12g,Multi-choke,28"barrels,fired approx 800rnds,4yrs old,1800.00
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    that really is a beautifully figured stock

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    Okay, to save more typing in the event that *another* silver hawk comes on up for grabs....

    I am after a silver hawk, single trigger sbs. Not fussed about multichoke, but if it is then that's lovely.

    My budget is 1500.

    My main vice is the shotties - clays and driven. I have a fair few rifles languishing in the cabinet that I just don't use - tricked up 10/22, Howa in .223. Plus a variety of moderators...

    I also have I also have a 4x32 Swaro, 6x42 S&B and 8x56 Swaro which I can part ex if the desire is there.

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    Sanibel,yes the wood is exceptional for a Hawk the best i've seen,they seem to have down graded all their wood these days.Mungler i'm open to sensible offers its in lovely nick and is still tight to open,i want to get my hands on a 5.6x57 that i've seen plus a new S&B Zenith plus another variable of some description have'nt made my mind up on that one yet so px will be out sorry.

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    Also to add comes with makers case and box,has 5 opti-chokes and 3"chambers.

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    I also have a S&B Zenith with IR, sitting on another rifle that doesn't get used enough.

    Let me see if I can put a sensible proposal together for you.

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    Hello Mungler i'm after a 3-12 x50 with the FD7 recticle that will fit my existing mounts on my sako,if you want to pm me your phone number i'll give you a bell,i won't be around tomorrow i'll be at sea until late on but home tuesday.

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    Well, this must be kismet.

    As per the photos - boxed, papers etc.

    Even got the right reticule (as per S&B box sticker).

    Let me work the numbers through. Incidentally, I have a spare moderator knocking about - are you after one? If you get the mod and scope sorted, then you're just left with the rifle.

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    All done. Just picked the Beretta up from my local RFD.

    Spot and lovely condition; better than I had hoped for.

    Nice one

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    Cheers Andy nice doing buisness with you,glad your pleased.
    ATB Neil.

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