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Thread: Harry boden gralloch knive

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    Harry boden gralloch knive

    Hi guys looking for a Harry boden gralloch knife any one got one they want to sell .Yes I know it's a long shot ,but wanted one for a a long time now .
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    Quote Originally Posted by sh1kar View Post
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    do you mean one of these?

    yes that's the one.

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    Still looking any one got one gathering dust not in use !!!!

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    Harry Boden Skinner.

    I have had this knife over 30 years, in fact it was my first custom knife acquisition

    It has had some use in that time as you can see from the blade and sheath. I believe the blade is ATS34 and the scales are micarta and gone a yellowish colour over the years. It sharpens up very well and the marks on the blade I can polish out if you are interested.
    I met Harry about 20 years ago at his Matlock workshop, a nicer man would be hard to find.

    I am open to a sensible offer if it blows your kilt up


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    Hi Max thanks for the offer ,but it's only the gralloch knife I'm interested in .

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