Hi I have a Daniel pinto adaptor and Sony, "VCL-HG1737C", 37mm, "1.7x", "Hi-Grade" lens which would fit the pulsar n550 or n750 i am only selling because I have another n550 with out one and have got use to the 4.5 mag it's been on my 204r and I think I can live with out it I paid 99 for the Dp adaptor and 70 for the sony lens from another forum over 10 months ago the sony lens are about 130 so would be looking for 140 posted it's very good condition and transforms the pulsar also comes with a see through lens cap as we all know a few weeks of the year i suffered from condensation where the outside of the lens fogs up which the cover eliminates and you can flick it up just before you shoot or leave it down as it is clear and does not hinder your view craig