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Thread: Stock for .30-06 Sako 75

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    Stock for .30-06 Sako 75

    i am looking for (preferably) a laminate or if not a wooden stock for my sporting barrel sako 75 in .30-06.

    Unlikely but I thought I'd give it a go, you never know?

    if you have anything please PM me.

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    I would think you should be able to find one (especially wooden) as a lot of people upgrade to synthetic types. I did similar a while ago but have sadly already sold the stock.
    Found a nice synthetic one (which would be my preference):
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    I have a grey laminated sporter stock but it is from a Sako 85 .30-'06. I would sell it for 120 plus postage. I suspect that it won't fit a 75 but one of the riflesmiths on here may offer an opinion on this. It doesn't include the metal plate for the recoil lug as this had to go on the new stock.

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    If it did fit that would be ideal and I would have it as laminate would be ideal for me.

    if anyone knows I would be grateful otherwise I will check with GMK after the holidays.

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