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Thread: 300 Rum brass

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    300 Rum brass

    Hi, I am considering the purchase of a 300 rum but people on here say there is an issue with getting brass? How are the user's of this calibre getting on with obtaining brass for it?

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    Sporting Services and Mike Norris usually have some.
    Also seen it at Reloading solutions.
    Edgar brothers import the Remington brass, so any of their dealers should be able to source it.
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    Thanks Wrens Mews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPA 6MM BR View Post
    Thanks Wrens Mews.
    i have a 300 rum forsale if interested.

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    Edgars no longer do remmington .sportsmarketing now distribute remmy .

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    I've had my rum for 4 months and still got no brass from anyone, found on place 96 for 50 cases!!! Manage to get some remmington ammo at 45 a box from.swillington shooting supplies and they have some left in 150g.
    On the plus side run the rifle in today and of to carlton moor range to zero it tonight
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    How did you get on with the remmington ammo Stav?

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    i will sell 100 2 times loaded if anyone interested.

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    so no one needs any brass now ????

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    Im ok for brass as bought 200 rounds of 180g, and jacknell still running it in but grouping at about an inch at 100 yds
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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