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Thread: 222 v 223

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    222 v 223

    hi looking for some informaton thinking of getting a 222 had a 223 but never fired a 222 what are they like it will be used for fox /roe in scotland should i get the 222 or another 223 i have a 243 and dont want a bigger gun so over to the experts to purchase or not thanks rob

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    The .222 Remington is a sweet heart of a cartridge and if you have shot the slightly longer .223 there is not much difference really. The .223 has slightly more velocity as it can hold that bit more powder and both are known for providing fine accuracy/precision. I never got a .223 even though I had a slot for it on my FAC more than once, always something more interesting came along, however I now have two rifles in .222 Remington. Just goes to show. I would not feel hadicapped shooting Roe in Scotland with it. The old BSA Regent I picked up likes the Sako Gamehead ammo the Break action single shot Baikal MH18 shoots it quite well too.

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    GO with the .223, its more versatile than the .222, you can get that little extra velocity with it and using 50g/55g bullets its a sweet foxing rifle. If you have a 22" tube you can use it for some good long range bunnies too, which is very addictive!

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    I've had both calibres and currently have a .222 Tikka 595. The .222 gives away about 200fps to the longer .223 and usually I would recommend that someone buy a .223 rather than the .222 and really the only reason for that is that cases are easier to come by as is military type ammo (with the correct weight of bullet for twist).
    Personally I think the .222 is quieter and it does everthing that I want. I don't feel at all under gunned using the slightly slower round.

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    I cannot comprehend how anyone can say the 222rem is hard to come by. Maybe in the states were everything is black and 223, but in the UK or Europe?

    222 is the sweetest thing. Ultimately, I doubt it makes little difference, just look for a nice rifle in the right action size, if you are lucky you might pick up a tasty Sako vixen.

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    Go for the .222 you wont regret it cracking littel round for roe & foxes.


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    .223 because you can buy really really cheap surplus plinking ammo.

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    These two rounds have to be the twins of all time, can't really pick between em'............ I know fox can't tell em' apart, maybe a little more legs on the .223, but not enough to notice in the lamp.
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    ok thanks for that lads think il go for the 222 may be a better gun for the wife to start with so thanks for the repliyes

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    You have already decided but a parting shot (so to speak) on the .223

    Twist rates come into play quite a lot here, faster twists 1-9 or thereabouts, can handle the fatter bullets in the 70gn realm as well as the lighter 55gn jobs; a 1-11 or 12 will limit your options to the 55gn region.

    I went .223 as it is the more common of the two, hence cheaper to buy and feed.

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