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Thread: L200 apparently a common problem

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    L200 apparently a common problem

    Word of warning to all L200 owner if you hear bubbling water when you switch of your engine or have problem with your heating get it checked at garage as the radiator collapses in the inside then takes out your cylinder head gasket, mine is a new shape with 50 000 on the clock you could buy yourself a few days on the hill on stags with ponies and accommodation with the bill I got !!!!!

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    I had the same trouble with mine when I turned it of and that cost a fortune the garage wanted 2500 to fix it so i brought a new head everything and it only cost me 650 to do with a friend of mine. But with l200 thats a common fault so i never have 1 again it all be a hilux next time

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    You can't post this, they're japanese !!! You're only allowed to slag land rover products off, everyone knows that

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    What reg we suppose to be looking at ??

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    New shaped one, 50k on the clock can't be that old.

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    Just mine is 57reg old shape

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    it was theheater matrix twice it went so. The hilux had to go

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    The classic shape you and I have were/are prone to it. People take the EGR off and that seems to stop any problems like these. Mine has 112000 on the clock and has shown no signs of any failure and it still has the EGR on it. Didn't know that the new shape were having these problems. Wonder what the cause is?

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    57 plate new shape and I've had it since it had 14 thousand . The cause is a failing in the radiator which then causes the cylinder head gasket to blow and funny enough the new gasket is twice as thick . What a surprise! !!
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    The head gasket problem is well known to Mitsibishi, they are on head gasket Mk3 for repairs now....I had to scrap my L200 cos of that fault, the head gasket on mine went half way over the Penines last year, and no phone signal, so had to drive 20 miles with a cooking cracked the head, AND the block between cylinders 3 and 4, so it went to Kent on a trailer to be exported......I will NEVER buy another L200 again, my mate bought a 55 plate last week, guess what, he'd hardly done 500 miles in it, the head gasket went!!! Funny enough, I used to have a 3lt V6 petrol Challenger( Shogun Sport) fantastic engines, tho, a tad heavy on fuel, had it for over 6 years, and never a problem with it at all, the body rusted to nothing right enough....

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