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Thread: Gun Dealers in NW Cubria ?

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    Gun Dealers in NW Cubria ?

    This could be a long shot and asked too late.

    Has anyone here any experience of Low Mill Ranges, near Cleater Moor, Cumbria ? Or any other gun dealers in North West Cumbria they would recommend ?

    I'm going to be visiting family in Whitehaven and Workington for a couple of days. If I get chance, a look round and see if I can find what I'm after (as low cost a reasonable .223 as possible) up there may be worthwhile. Online Low Mill have a Baikal single that may fit bill, and a CZ.

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    Low mill ranges okay but ring before you go,he has some strange opening times ?.some others in Carlisle

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    A Brown Sporting Guns & Accessories - Outdoor Leisure Persuits - Sporting Life

    Bought a cz .22 off this chap and he had a good range of rifles in stock (but that was 20 years ago!).

    The other dealer i know in Carlisle is Geoff Wilson but he does airguns only these days.

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    Try malmo guns. Google them at least. They are not far off junction 33 m6 which you will pass on your way up. They are decent to deal with. Folk I no in Kendal travel there for ammo which says a lot about them.

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    I've used Low Mill a few years ago and he had a good range of reloading gear, ammo and a variety of rifles and shotguns, but don't know if that's still the case. LIke Cumbrian says very strange opening hours though. Adrian Brown is a lovely guy but I don't think you'll need a lot of time looking round his shop as he was (last time I was in a couple months ago) having problems getting hold of gear, and there wasn't much on the shelf to look at. If you know what you are looking for Andrew Corney at AC Firearms stocks some good items, but you'll need to phone him in advance to arrange a visit as its not his day job - he has a website that you can look at first to get an idea of what he stocks - he's just off the M6 at Milnthorpe. Have heard good things about Malmo, but never used them myself.

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