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Thread: Beretta 12 bore Essential

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    Beretta 12 bore Essential

    Have for sale my 28 inch barrel beretta.

    Quite rare guns, 2 on gun trader but don't see them for sale much.

    Have had it a while now and carried more than shot it walking up rabbits etc over spaniels.

    Selling because i fancy an upgrade for longer barrels and a smarter overall gun and use my semi for training dogs. Never gone wrong in the time i have had it.

    700 (2 S/H on gun trader are 895 and 995).

    Excellent light gun to carry all day but has 3 inch chamber if you want to put some heavies through it for geese etc.

    Has a few small knocks as you would imagine for a gun used rough shooting but overall in excellent fettle.

    All round it been a great servant to me but I'm being shallow and ditching it for the same thing but with a bit more flash!

    Struggling with pictures so they will be up shortly


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    Hi do you have any pics?

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    Hi Dan

    I have pics but struggling to get them uploaded.

    If you send me your email il bung them across while I'm working out how to get them on here.



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