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Thread: Take a look, input needed.

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    Take a look, input needed.

    I've noticed on a few threads now that when folk mention high seats someone always says ....... needs a roof now!
    Now, I don't use one as on my main permission I'm unsure whether the landowner would let us put one up or not. Going to try in the summer and see what he says. I know he has trouble with the environment agency so not holding my breath.

    What has crossed my mind though is it must be pretty dismal sat in a high seat if a shower blows in or in a cold wind. So, I'm thinking would a universal roof (fit all) be (A) of any use, and (B) of any interest.
    I'm thinking a square roof frame made out of light tubing with a bracket to strap to a tree. This would suspend a canvas or pvc roof with sides and back panels (and front if needed). Window apertures could be put in with mesh panels in them, easy to see out, not so easy to see in.

    Any ideas gents, is it worth going further and if so what would you like to see in them ?

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    Room for a couple of dancing girls
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    No roof - just an umbrella holder!


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    I use a batwing/foxwing/? type of thing, got the idea from landrover. But all it is is three sticks bolted at one end with an old poncho cut to shape stapled between, I hinged the middle pole to another pole so that the second pole straps to the tree/fixture and you then fan out the small canopy, made the first one too short but the second one is walking/shooting stick length. Mk3 will have a rifle support on it :-) the good thing about it is that you can just flick it out the way if you want the sun on you.

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    upside down dumpy bag!

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    one of those pop up hide things with bottom cut out

    or good coat with a hood

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    Dancing girls and cupholder seem good Could be a bit of a struggle getting them up the ladder though

    What you reckon to the principal in general, worth making a prototype ? Then I would have to find someone to test it ....... problems, problems,problems.

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    one of those pop up hide things with bottom cut out

    or good coat with a hood
    Do you actually use the bottomless pop up, or just a possibly good idea ? Sitting in a coat with a hood ain't like being in shelter though is it ?

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