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Thread: New .223 powder required

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    New .223 powder required

    I'm currently running my .223 on Benchmark (Nosler or VMax 55grn over 25grns of Benchmark).

    Struggling to get Benchmark so thinking of either Ramshot TAC (can get locally) or a Vhit powder or 1kg tubs to keep me going longer. The Vhit route is confusing as I know N133 is a favourite for .223 but the Nosler manual only lists N135 or N120. Dubious of N120 as I think it's a bit fast for my 1-9 twist.

    what do others use on a fast twist .223, and don't bother suggesting varget as I don't want to be tied down to the powder that has the biggest supply problems.

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    I use Vit N130 in my .222,N133or 135 will be fine,but if I could get hold of it,Hodgdons H322 would be my choice.
    Best to choose a powder that you have a reliable supply of though.

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    Had good results with Ramshot TAC in both 223 and 308

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    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    The cheapest option is probably Reload Swiss RS40 - specifically made for 223!
    Available from Nigel Cole Hawkins at Bisley (Commonside Firearms) - UK distributor - Possibly also at HPS & maybe Brock & Norris.


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    I am currently using ramshot x-terminator in my 223, I actually worked up a load yesterday with excellent results! 50gr nosler ballistic tips over 25.4gr of the powder gave me hole on hole at 100 yds and less than 1 inch at 300yds. Have yet to chronograph it but I think its quite hot! I swear by ramshot powders, has given me excellent results in my 223, 243 and 270.

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    Vit 133 I use for. 223

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    Good morning timbeech, we have all the vit powders on the shelf and large stocks of hodgdon and IMR, We are only over at whitchurch on the A41 and we can provide you with load data for any combination you wish to use. yours respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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