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Thread: looking for 150 gr ballistic tips

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    looking for 150 gr ballistic tips

    Anyone know where I can get Norma or Federal 150gr ballistic tips in 308?

    Preferably Borders/ central belt/ Fife/ Perthshire.

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    Robbie at Anglers Choice in Dundee has started to stock firearms & components. Might be worth giving him a call if you're likely to be up this way? 01382 811211

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    Not in your area but malmo guns near Lancaster have them in norma flavour

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    M, Dicksons will happily order them in, given that they are from RUAG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heym SR20 View Post
    M, Dicksons will happily order them in, given that they are from RUAG.
    since when!?

    dicksons wouldn't order anything unusual for me even with the offer of payment up front and no time expectations!

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    Just bought some 168gr Winchester silver tip in Glasgow to see how it gets on in my tikka.....any use?

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    Problem now solved. At least for now!

    I do love the half assed stories RFDs come up with for why they're incapable of managing their supplies.

    In the space of two days, I have been told that nosler are having production problems; that shipping companies are refusing to carry ammunition; that norma have gone into the US market, so are sending their entire production there; that federal are still overwhelmed by pentagon orders etc etc etc.

    And then walked into a shop who said 'oh yes - we have 10s of boxes, of every popular flavour. Supply problens? No - ordered last month and arrived without hassle'.

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    Good to know that there is still ammo available without having to listen to the tosh.....

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