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Thread: HELLO one and all to members on the forum.

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    HELLO one and all to members on the forum.

    Greetings from essex.From a tender age of 8 years old i have been interested and involved in fieldsports and the countryside.Iwas lucky that i had an uncle that took me under his wing,and showed me the delights of rabbiting and also rabbiting with ferrets.And as i grew older we progressed with shotguns,this is wher i learnt the disiplines of using a gun,i can still hear him saying be aware and foremost think SAFETY!!that will stay with you forever.I started with a 410 single barrel and managed to put quite a few rabbits and pheasants in the larder.Then a few years down the road i was told today you will be firing a side by side 12 bore,so after going through how to hold it and how to mount it,the moment of no turning back arrived,it felt and looked like a cannon.It took a few moments to gather courage i squeezed the trigger and.......BOOM!!,i thought wow the next thing i was ready for another shot,and for the rest of the outing i managed to go through a few cartridges.I have held a fac since1968 and at that time i bought a.22 browning 15 shot pump gallery rifle,which i used on rabbits i still own her and she still shoots as good as she did then.In 1972 i started deer stalking and i learnt my trade from a professional stalker, the amount of knowledge that i learnt from the old man would last me a lifetime more than you could ever learn from books because it was all hands on.I am married with 3 sons and 1 daughter,and out of my sons the youngest was the one to get the probably know him on the forum as duggers.I introduced him to the world of shooting starting with the disiplines and following up with rabbiting with shotguns and.22,ferreting, pidgeon shooting,wild fowling, he took to it like a duck to water.....[Sorry about the pun]!!!.I am 66 now and i am teaching my 13 year old grandson the delights of the shooting world,he likes his ferreting and shooting rabbits with the .22 rimfire even at his age he is fully aware of things around him and the safety factor when using a gun,teach them young and it stays with them.There is another budding stalker in the making.Sadly the old man passed over a few years ago,and he would be really chuffed that all the knowledge he gave me is still being passed on to a third generation.I manage deer full time now on various farms and woodland some ancient,some ssi i am also involved with the Woodland Trust managing the muntjac population. And now after all these years sitting up a highseat waiting for the light to come up, and watching the woodland come to life its still a marvelous place to be,also when you are waiting in the rut for a fallow,all is quiet and then suddenly the buck starts belching and groaning and the red stags roaring and groaning,i feel really priviledged to hear it and also be able to be there while its going on.
    I had better finish now before the forum falls asleep with my intro,



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    Hi Ian, I apologise it has taken so long to acknowledge your intro, welcome!

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    Hi Matt 458,
    Thank you for your welcome,i have browsed the forum for a very long while,and after reading through various posts i am covinced that i made the decision to join.The banter that gets put about ,tells me that its a very friendly site and as a newbie i look forward to dicussing all manner of things,over a period of time with the forum members.
    ian 308.

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