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Thread: Roe and horses beet pulp

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    Roe and horses beet pulp

    Would it be oryt to feed this to some roe kicking about at my mums horses over the winter? It's old stuff and will otherwise go in the bin so I thought it may be useful.. Will be soaked before hand so it does not swell in the gut. Any opinions? Thanks

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    Never tried feeding beet pulp to Roe but imagine they would eat it as I have seen them eat beets in a field.
    However you say it's old, what's wrong with it? Roe are fussy eaters tend not to eat anything dirty or contaminated.
    If its not fit to feed to the horses Roe are unlikely to eat it.

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    Think it's what's just left from last year and she has new stuff for the horses.. Maybe a wee bit mould or something on some of it? She just says it's going to get chucked out so I thought that if it could be used to benefit the roe then why not.

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