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Thread: stalking getting to pricey

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    stalking getting to pricey

    hi had a luck at some fc ground to join a syndicate today 4 x guns 30 roe cull any red in season, 1000 plus vat per gun, getting stupid

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    hi forgot to say it was under 2000 acrs aswell.

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    hi steve the prices seem to have gone up the last few years. the fc just seem to do what they want regarding price and there a lot of people chasing it i dont know who things are going to go as a lot of leases the have let have a lot of syndicate members with level 1 and under there new rules you can only stalk with a level 2 with you and then for only a year so as these leases come for renewal they may struggle to get them taken up .
    atb tom reveley
    btw im from tyneside as well

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    This will go the way of the banking crisis I feel, all of a sudden the arse will drop out of it! Just might not happen before me knees give out though!
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    Someone I know has just reputedly paid £3000 for 1000 acres near Standstead. That is a great deal of money, and it was through a land agent.

    I have to admit if you have land these days and you pay nothing for it, consider yourself lucky. As stalking gets more popular prices are going to rise, although the FC have always asked silly prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    This will go the way of the banking crisis I feel, all of a sudden the arse will drop out of it! Just might not happen before me knees give out though!
    It will indeed especially more so in Scotland when the new ruling of DSC2 requirements take hold.

    Out of the 3000 listed DSC2 holders half of those either are employed by the forest companies or spread throughout the country also a lot of the dsc2 holders are old school and retired from stalking which in my view only leaves 1500 possible punters throughout the uk who may be interested half of those will be included within their own syndications so it dosent take a lot of brains to work out that the major lease holders will be far and few between, basically because he needs to fill the syndicate places with dsc2 qualified stalkers , or maybe I have it wrong

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    Hmm yes Caprelous, I am afraid you are probably right. This is a ridiculous situation, which with the new rules on having 3 AW'S to sign off your portfolio is going to make it even harder in the future.

    I have had Level 2 for some years, so it will not affect me and my major lease in the highlands, but on the other hand with the small amount of those holding Level 2 they will find it harder to find any takers to fill the leases I would think.


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    Been involed in 3 FC leases in the past, you will pay top dollar for any FC ground, not mention all the rules and regs you have to adhere to,"some over the top"
    Plus they are still in control of the ground at all times. And may stop you stalking at any time. They stopped us for 2 weeks in July/August once so some bl**dy motorcycle club could hold a trial through the forest "while the Bucks & Sika stags were in season" made us not to happy chappies i'll tell you. We termanated the lease the next year.

    So be warned!!!!


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    My stalking partner and myself was involved with a couple of leases controlled by the F.C in Scotland and the hastle isnt worth dealing with i can tell you , your quite correct they can stop you stalking at any time and also they can go in at any time night shooting it and you have no re address, further you have to notify the ranger prior to entry and again before exiting the leased property . I can understand the safety logic behind that but it becomes inpracticble in areas without mobile phone coverage, also the hoo ah involved if you want to install any form of high seats etc etc etc
    Financially they let it for 3 years and no matter how much you carry out work to improve the stalking by clearing rides etc and other work at your own expense they do not consider those points and put it out to tender , that fact on its own does not lend itself to good forest managment because in my view creating a better and sustainable deer control is important and by what they are doing does not give any sustainable encouragement to any would be controller or manager to put the work in to improve the leased land if he knows hes going to loose it at a greater price for his efforts.
    Personally they arnt worth dealing with, other forestry enterprises show a more understanding pf deer management and control the Forestry Commision only think about how much money can be made out of it.
    Just my Honest opinion others may feel different about dealings with them

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    mmmmmmmmm reminds me or the time I was driving the extraction lorry for Lorn Sawmills. I headed off to the forest in LochGair for timber as usual. The manager used to sign me 5 tickets at a time so I could just go and collect. I went down the forest. The road had just been graded and rolled. I duely loaded my timber and was on the way out when the manager and half a dozen suits turned up. What the hell did I think I was doing. Getting my timber was not the right answer. The track had been graded and rolled for the Scottish rally to come through. They dont like the marks left by 32 ton of timber artic, woops,

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