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Thread: Liver lesion in a sika deer

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    Liver lesion in a sika deer

    This photograph shows a lesion in the liver of a thin sika deer. I wonder whether anybody can suggest what it is?
    Unfortunately I don't have any further details of the gralloch and I don't know the answer. I will be very interested to see what ideas people have.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    But I would have liked more pictures and more info (including a look at that in cross section).

    Liver tumours in deer are described in the literature.

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    I came across a similar thing a couple of years ago while Roe stalking. I culled a single Doe that looked fine from a distance but on checking her over she was thin!
    When I done the gralloch this is what I found in her some photographs taken but did not open up the tumors on the liver.Attachment 50858Attachment 50859Attachment 50860Attachment 50861
    Hope it works this time around.
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    foxinmad, I'm having difficulties looking at the attachments. I get a vBulletin Message each time I try.

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    says admin have removed it.i just tried to view.

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