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Thread: Swarovski Gen2 monocular device.

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    Swarovski Gen2 monocular device.

    Swarovski night vision..
    For sale is my Swarovski night vision monocular hand held model NS-B 40-80. As new in case with floatation strap, cased, instructions etc. Possibly only one in the UK and allows chrystal clear clarity in pitch darkness. rrp was 3,500 and i would like 1,550 for it. Not to be compared to the 50 yard rubbish off Ebay. Works for 50 hours off two AA batteries and has unopened cleaning patches.

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    Would consider a swap with cash either way for Leica or Swaro bins??

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    It's only a month or two since you sold one of these, how many did you have ?


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    The sale fell through due to an iffy cheque. Name on cheque was totally different to the sending address.

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    RED-DOT,any chance of a few pics

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    No problem... there is one in my "gallery" but if you PM your email details i will get a few better ones to you.

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    Photos sent to all who PM'd.

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