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Thread: Brno ZKK601 plus Zeiss Jena scope?

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    Brno ZKK601 plus Zeiss Jena scope?

    I have just been given a Brno ZKK601 rifle in .308 with an odd looking Zeiss Jena scope on what looks like a proprietary Brno ZKK601 one-piece quick release windage mount. The rifle is quite nice looking with a well figured straight low-combed stock and with the forward sling swivel mounted on a barrel band.

    The 4 x 30 scope, which I understand was manufactured specifically for this model of rifle, has two very low profile turrets on top, one of which appears to be for focus and the other for elevation - windage adjustment seems to be made via opposing grub screws on the mount. Now that I've carefully cleaned 20 years of safe oil off the lenses, the scope has excellent quality glass and I'm quite taken with the thick post reticle.

    The trigger is a single set unit with a slightly ugly straight blade - pull weight in unset mode is about 3lb and well under 1lb when pushed forward into set mode.

    I'm under no obligation to keep or use the rifle, so as it's in .308 and I have no need of another medium calibre stalking rifle, I'll probably sell it. However, as a complete unit it is quite dated with a eccentrically styled small magnification scope, so clearly a bit of a niche outfit. This is a shame as the rifle itself is very nice and handles well in the shoulder. The scope looks like a pain in the butt to zero but has great glass so should function well once set up and providing you can cope with minimal magnification.

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    Sounds like a nice bit if kit Adam. I have one of those scopes on a CZ550 stutzen in 7x64. Once you are set up you have a really strong reliable set up - deffo a niche market by todays standards but am sure you'd get a taker for it 'as is'. If it stands you at not a lot why not keep it as a spare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VIGILAIRE View Post
    Sounds like a nice bit if kit Adam. I have one of those scopes on a CZ550 stutzen in 7x64. Once you are set up you have a really strong reliable set up - deffo a niche market by todays standards but am sure you'd get a taker for it 'as is'. If it stands you at not a lot why not keep it as a spare?
    It is a very nice set-up but if I kept every rifle that interested me 'as a spare', I'd need a gun safe the size of a warehouse. I would have given it to No.2 son as a stalking rifle but I've just put together an absolutely mint Parker Hale 1200 Superclip in a 1300 Scout stock for him, with a reliable Meopta 7x50 scope on top.

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    mine with a meopta r1r atop. Apparently quite rare with a standard trigger.
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    That looks like a Weatherby-style stock - the rifle I have here has a much plainer straight stock without the pronounced cheek piece your's has. They seem to have a reputation as accurate and reliable no-nonsense stalking rifles.

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    By all means, do post some photos. That sounds like a lovely retro rifle, with original scope and mounts. How nice to leave it that way, or to get a second modern scope in quick release ring mounts, if you think that is necessary.

    What you really need is a Brno 602 in .375 H&H to pair up with it.

    Disclaimer Notification: I am an addict, and hunt with the predecessor of this rifle, a Brno 22F stutzen in 7x64mm with its original variable power scope in claw mounts.

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    Good bits of kit these old brno+jenas . I had a 600 , (very accurate ) with the zeiss jena scope and shot many a deer and fox with it. The scope is indeed difficult to set up BUT will take knocks that modern ones wont . The reticle in my scope was the very thick post type (dont know what number you would call that ) but could still cope with foxes at 200 ,you just need practice and confidence . So dont dismiss this set up .

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    I had a ZKK600 (the long-action version) just like this in 270 Win calibre maybe 15 years back that I picked up in mint condition for 250. It also had 'special timber', this (alongside the Jena scope and set trigger) being an optional extra on BRNOs of the era. It shot very well indeed, although zeroing with windage settings incorporated in the mount was a pain, or would have been but as conventional Angle-Lok mounts were readily available for these rifles, likely still are, I replaced the Jena very quickly with a higher power more modern optic before working a range of handloads up.

    The Jena scope (not a true Zeiss - the Red Army seized the Zeiss plant and personnel in 1945, but as with many East German arms related manufacturers, the family decamped to western Germany and set up from scratch when the postwar economy allowed, so it's a new or modified prewar design made in the old Jena location) would see the focus setting / knob turn under 270 recoil and had to be reset every few shots on the rifle range.

    I sold mine for at least what I paid for it and when I later worked in the retail gun trade some (10) years back, ZKK601s were frequently traded in for very modest amounts, the owners told they had little value but then commanded 250-350 if in good condition and usually resold within three or four weeks, 243s and 308s being the norm. This may have changed now as it seems to have become harder to sell 'classic' postwar sporting rifles. A shame really. (I bought a mintish 1950s BSA Hunter in 7X57 with period Pecar variable scope advertised on this forum recently at a low price, there being no other interest shown in it - its only downside for an out every day stalker being the walnut stock, its owner wanting to buy a s/h synthetic stocked Sako for this reason.)

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    Hello. The mounts are very desirable so don't be cajoled into parting with them for pennies when they fetch three figures with the correct, as you have, 'scope. These rifles come in a variety of stock styles. A "bast..dised" faux Weatherby like a lot of P-H "junk" stocks of that era and IMHO more desirable European style with a barrel band sling swivel and no Monte Carlo cheekpiece. The rifles can be seen with or without a flip-up rear peep sight.

    The sight adjustment is as you say. Windage on the mounts and elevation on the one of the two turrets on top. Once set it is never likely to move but is a veritable PITA to set the windage and a case of slowly, slowy back the left screw outs and then take up the slack each time with the right screws. A one eight turn moves the point of impact a long way...or so it seems.

    Good points are they are very accurate. Bad points are you have to remember to think of the safety as being a hammer that you cock. Like on a hammer gun or Winchester 94. That way you should never get confused. Pull it BACK to "cock" the gun, as it were, to fire. The trigger is nice in the optional curved style and the flat one is a mote in one's eye.

    I had two, both in .270 WCF but sold them as eventually, as with me, you will have a "senior moment" and instinctively push the safety forward to fire (even though it is already forward on "safe" and them lose the chance of a shot. I sold mine solely because of that reason.

    With ;scope and rails...depending on the type of stock that yours has...they make upward of 280 in Holts. Mine with its 'scope and 'scope roll plus colour filters made about 350 in a sale about a year or so ago.

    They are nice guns. But the safety catch and trigger were the issues that beset them. Nothing wrong with accuracy however.

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    I have a Brno Zkk602 in 270win and before that I had a Brno zkk601 in 243win. Couldn't imagine to have another rifle than this, its retro/classic looking but very accurate with my 270win I have until now shot 3 roes and a Wild boar.

    I love the trigger and with a old fixed scope you have a really nice traditional rifle that shoots where you points.

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