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Thread: Reloading gear

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    Reloading gear

    Looking for cheap starter reloading gear for 223 rem and 308 win what do you have gathering dust

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    Nice one Davie, you getting the bug too mate, I am loving doing reloading...??

    Do you have any gear at all??

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    I have some once used brass

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    So you'll need the lot then ?, personally, I'd get a starter kit from the likes of Bushwear, you get everything you need apart from the dies...that's what I got, and just added "extras" to it.,..

    This is what i started fact, I had a wee bit less that what is in that kit, but fine for starting out with...

    LEE 50TH ANNIVERSARY KIT [90050] - 125.00 : Henry Krank, Everything for shooters and collectors
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    Sounds a good idea but you know me am a tight git hopeing to get some bargains

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davie_M View Post
    Sounds a good idea but you know me am a tight git hopeing to get some bargains
    LOl, Canny fault you Davie, but, bargains are almost always away before I get to even see them...recently, I've missed out on two RCBS tricklers by minutes, so, had to spend 33 on one from Bushwear....

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    Give us a bell if you want a good deal on a lee kit 01263 732740
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    I've found optics warehouse very good to deal with if you decide to go new. Best prices I've found on the internet and if you call them you might even do better. I got a cheap Lee kit and made it more useable with a set of rcbs scales which got me reloading for very little money. Second hand gear is hard to come by and when it does it gets snapped up quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davie_M View Post
    I have some once used brass
    if your just starting out reloading the used brass use for getting the dies/press etc set up and buy some new brass for your actual loads start as you mean to go on used brass can lead to all sorts of problems the few quid you have saved isnt worth it in the long run.
    good luck its addictive/costly and will ruin your marriage.

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