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Thread: WHAT 4X4 to upgrade to!!!!!!!

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    WHAT 4X4 to upgrade to!!!!!!!

    Right people just want to know your view on some of the new 4x4 out ther what do you own and what problems ect I have a fourtrak and it's time for a new 4x4 at some point as I can put it though work.. (Yes I know I would most prob be better off keeping the fourtrak)


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    Been abusing a '58 plate hilux since new, 95% off road use, rear brakes take a hammering, but they are getting filled with gritty water 10-12 times a day up to headlight depth. Prop uj is the only issue really other than normal servicing, now at 78k miles.

    If it was my money, I'd spend it on a hilux.

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    2.5 or 3.0l ?????

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    I guess we'll need to know what uses you'll put it to.

    Will it do a lot of road use, lots of off road use, over hill and dale or just the odd field? What else will it do? Double as a family car? Is a pickup in the frame? Do you want it to do posh as well? Will it tow? Does it have to have masses of luggage space? Do you need 7 seats? Is MPG important? There's everything from a Fiat Panda 4X4 to a full fat Range Rover and everything in between that COULD fit your remit.

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    It will be used for everything from towing vehicles/trailers off roading for the shoot abused for logging and lots of hours in bad terrain. Defo not a rangerover utter poo unless I can employ an ex landy technician.. Would rather keep my fourtrak
    (Had a 90 TD5 200bhp I wish I never sold)
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    Hmm. Looking at your previous history you like the Fourtrak/Discovery sort of vehicle. Not sure I'd recommend a new Discovery. They are very much improved in the reliability department (eventually), but cost an absolute fortune these days. Certainly a better bet than a Range Rover (unless your kids go to school in Chelsea). Maybe a Nissan Pathfinder?

    If you decide on a pickup, from all accounts these days you can't get better than a Hilux or an Isuzu. You could always go back to what you liked and get a Defender before they stop making them. Might even appreciate rather than depreciate!

    Some left field suggestions: VW Amorok, BMW X5, or how about getting a nice sports saloon, a Beemer or a Merc and keep the Fourtrak?

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    Go isuzu for what describe great workhorses
    I've an old trooper for the donkey work
    and a freelander for posh lol
    regards Pete

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    Keep the Fourtrak and buy one of these Redirect Notice

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonny.c View Post
    (Had a 90 TD5 200bhp I wish I never sold)
    I think you have answered your own question!



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