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Thread: Pulsar N750 Zeroing Issues

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    Pulsar N750 Zeroing Issues

    I've got a Tikka T3 Varmint .223 with a Picatinny rail by Recknagel with a new N750 (Christmas Present).

    Tried to zero in the scope at 125yrds I can't get the bullet any closer to the bull, there seems to be a box that is restricting the crosshair's movement in the scope. I've used the traditional way of zeroing and the "one-shot" zeroing method that they recommend in the manual. But the bullet is staying around 4 inches to the right of the bull and can't get any closer.

    Any suggestions / help would be appreciated.


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    Has the rail been used with other scopes and was the windage far off optically centred when zeroed?

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    If it was up and down (out) i would say shim the mount but as it's left to right send it back. You can shim the front screen behind the lens for L&R but your warranty will be void.

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    just a thought are you saving the reticle position once you have moved it before turning it off?

    have you successfully moved the shots closer to the cross hair?

    if its a case of not being able to move the cross hair enough to zero it then it may be due to the picatinny rail not being put on straight on the rifle. Normally there is some room to move it a fraction.
    I have a N550 and you can see the reticle move when zeroing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post
    Has the rail been used with other scopes and was the windage far off optically centred when zeroed?
    No, its all new gun, scope and rail. The windage was centred as default. I just can't move the crosshair left due to the box restricting the movement and I am saving the settings on the scope every time. I'll be going out tomorrow to try it again.


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    will the reticle move up, down and right??
    when you say the box restricts movement. Have you moved the reticle far off centre to the edge of the screen?
    sounds like you have a broken one???

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    you can only get the rifle to zero within that box. something must be off somewhere if its out that far. For example mine on my .22 is -6h and -27v. Ive got it on a Picatinny rail aswell

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