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Thread: wanted de-capping pin

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    wanted de-capping pin

    anyone know where I can get a de-capping /expander pin for a lee win 243 die. just cannot find one and I don't want to bin the die as its for bumping the shoulders back . cheers

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    Hiya, I had a "mishap" and bent the one in my .243 Lee die ...BUT, went to see Bushwear , and they now have it and a spare on order for me.....Mibbes you could call them tomorrow, get one added to the order..They do Mail Order...

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    Kranks are the Lee distributors and usually have pins and so forth in stock as spares
    I bent so many .222 ones I bought three spares!


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    Think hannam do them feller but i would just buy a and save the pain of a stuck case or snapped pinLee Universal Decapping Die 10:99 sportsman

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    hi how are you ? have a good new year and see you soon . anyway back to the pin looked on the krank site and sportsman and the only pins I can find are the straight ones the one im after is the taper type for a full length sizing die . I may just see if I can find a lee full length die on here

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    How did you break a Lee decapping pin?? ~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    How did you break a Lee decapping pin?? ~Muir
    I don't know it just snapped off during use . happy new year to you muir from all over here in the uk .

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    Send Lee Precision an email explaining the break, include your address and they'll send you a new one in the post gratis. They stand by their product and their customer service is exceptional.
    Happy New Year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndt man View Post
    I don't know it just snapped off during use . happy new year to you muir from all over here in the uk .
    Amazing! And thanks! Happy New Year to all my SD friends as well.~Muir

    PS: If you can't get the expander ball rod/pin assembly you can buy the Universal Decapping Die and just decap them with it before running them through your sizer with the expander ball in place.

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    Lee part number for the 243 is SE2171

    Ez X Exp 243cal Med - Lee Precision
    There's room for all Gods creatures ........... right next to the mash and gravy

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